Saturday, May 2, 2015

TFT LCD Display Industry Continuously Improves to Meet Market Demands

LCD (liquid crystal display) is a display module composed of tiny crystals capable of being maneuvered for data presentation in the form of graphics, letters, or numbers. Color LCD’s have two matrices to produce hues: the passive matrix and the active matrix or TFT (thin film transistors). The latter has become highly sought-after in recent times. A recent report stated that advancing demands on smartphone functionality have given rise to the need for changes on TFT LCD’s screen sizes and pixel densities, while taking power consumption into consideration. These demands have led TFT LCD display manufacturers to create appropriate products with the desired features. Among the various display technologies, TFT LCDs are known to be the most responsive to the need for higher resolutions that consume less power, hence their rapid rise in the market.

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