Thursday, April 30, 2015

Steps an LCD Module Manufacturer Undergoes to Keep LCD TV Quality

LCDs, or liquid crystal displays, have come a long way to deliver the level of quality people enjoy today in TV viewing. A big jump from the bulky CRT of yesteryears, an LCD is made up of liquid crystals that are activated by an electric current, allowing the display to produce sharper images in thinner form factors. The process that a single LCD panel goes through requires hundreds of individual steps. A reputable LCD module manufacturer makes sure that each LCD undergoes all these steps and is created with high precision. Components The basic components of an LCD are a display glass, a drive and control electronics, a mechanical package, and power supply. LCDs are made under tight and highly controlled environments and conditions, with special devices that ensure that dust particles are kept out of the room. The manufacturing process specifically requires that there are less than 10 particles of dust per cubic feet in the room.

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