Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Now Offer Cross-Listing Services for Ocular LCD Module Displays

Your customers see your product at face value through your user interface. In turn, the quality of your LCD module display greatly affects your user interface’s functionality, and in turn, your customer’s satisfaction. Customers prefer slick and legible displays that grant them fast access to the information they want so it’s certainly worth investing in display performance. Microtips Technology exists for the exact purpose of helping you optimize your display performance. We are glad to announce that we have all the materials and engineering knowledge to cross-list all Ocular LCD standard parts and customize these according to your business needs.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Microtips Technology, LLC Announces the Launch of 2.4” TFT LCD Display

Microtips Technology, LLC is proud to announce the launch of its Transmissive Normal White 2.4” TFT LCD display. The product adds to the bountiful selection of small-sized displays that the company manufactures and supplies. The company’s inventory of small displays are suitable for various purposes: automotive interior displays, handheld devices, consumer and industrial, and even medical applications. The overall area of the screen measures 42.7 x 58.4 x 3.0 mm, with the active area measuring 36.72 x 48.96 mm. The 2.4 in the name refers to the DOT Matrix which is 2.4 inches. It uses an LED type backlight that works on an 80 mA supply current at 25 degrees room temperature and a 3.3 volt supply voltage.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

LCD Display Module Manufacturer Presents Its New 2.4 TFT Small Display

Microtips Technology, LLC, a leading LCD display module supplier and manufacturer, is glad to announce the launch of its new small display. The particular product is the 2.4” TFT Transmissive Normal White display. It is designed for small handheld devices as well as wearable devices that are already becoming the wave of the future. The Normal White has an operating temperature with the range of -20~70 degrees Celsius (-4~158 degrees Fahrenheit). Its storage temperature range is -30~80 degrees Celsius (-22~176 degrees Fahrenheit). The DOT Matrix, as the name implies, measures 2.4 inches with an overall area at 42.7 x 59.45 x 3.0 mm. The active area is 36.72 x 48.96 mm.