Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Role of TFT LCD Display Technology in the Healthcare Industry

As all healthcare practitioners know, proper diagnosis is the first step to curing a patient. While some ailments are visible to the naked eye (e.g., mumps or chickenpox), some diseases aren’t so evident. For instance, tumors are not readily visible; it’s hard to recommend a treatment regime without understanding its size and growth pattern.

Luckily, technology delivers the tools doctors need to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. Perhaps nowhere is this more prominent than in medical imaging displays.

LCDs and Medical Imaging Display

Such displays make it easy for medical professionals to peer into a patient’s body to better understand the ailment. For instance, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have become mainstream tests, saving doctors from guesswork and enabling them to save countless lives.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Leading LCD Module Manufacturer Clarifies E-Ink vs. LCD Screen Debate

How much do people love e-books? If sales numbers are any indicator, then the answer is, “a lot.” According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales in January of 2016 alone generated a whopping $99.9 million.

This is hardly surprising, though. While old-school, dead-tree books aren’t dying anytime soon, there are a lot of benefits to reading e-books instead. First, you no longer have to lug around a ton of books. With an e-book reader, you can carry around hundreds of titles without breaking your back. Then there are features that are simply missing from traditional books–on-the-fly bookmarking, annotation systems and a built-in dictionary.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Top OLED Display Module Manufacturer: Why OLED Screens are Worth It

It’s truly amazing how quickly technology advances. Just 10 years ago, people were still watching the nightly news on CRT screens, those convex contraptions harkening back to TV’s earliest days.

Today, a home is more likely to have a flat-screen LCD TV, offering greater resolution and a wider option of screen sizes. This space- and electricity-saving option has catapulted the viewing experience to another level.

But, just like the times, innovation marches on. Advancement to LCD display module technology already promises even better image production: OLED (organic light emitting diodes).

Thursday, July 28, 2016

LCD Module Manufacturers on Capacitive and Resistive Touch Screens

It’s hard to overstate the revolutionary nature of touchscreens. Not long ago, cellphone users had to press buttons endlessly to carry out commands. But these days, making a call, sending a text, pulling up email and even web browsing are all done with a simple tap of finger to screen.

Touchscreens are perhaps the pinnacle of user experience: if you need to access or activate something, simply touch it. This intuitiveness is perhaps the reason touchscreens are now ubiquitous. You find them not just on smartphones, but also on ATMs, car dashboards and even handheld consoles.