Friday, January 1, 2016

Why It Pays to Replace and Not Repair a TFT LCD Module or Display

Over the years, LCD modules and LCD displays have grown in popularity. Companies in many different industries, including but not limited to the medical, automotive, consumer, food services, industrial, and technology sectors rely on at least one TFT LCD module or TFT LCD display on a daily basis. Although touchscreens are very durable and designed to withstand the hands of time, older modules and displays sometimes need to be repaired. When weighing the cost of having your displays repaired, you should take the time to consider your options. Display repairs are not always cost effective After doing some research on the cost of repairs, many business owners find that it makes more sense to have their TFT LCDs replaced. Although units may cost less to repair initially, the cost of having to repair your older displays over and over again can add up. This is because older units may need to be repaired more than once.

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