Monday, January 18, 2016

2 Key Benefits and Advantages of Using OLED and LCD Display Modules

OLED displays are the latest type of screen technology on the market. An LCD display module comes with small crystals embedded into the screen. Light emanates from behind the screen, filtering through the crystals, which adjust to produce vivid color images. An OLED display module works through similar means, but its color-producing components do not produce pictures through a backlight. 1. Picture Quality and Light Use When it comes to picture quality, LCD screens are known for displaying a range of vibrant colors in very high quality. LCD screens produce images when a backlight behind the screen shines colors through the crystals in the surface. This creates a brilliant display of color and a realistic feel. OLED screens work through a very similar process, but instead of a backlight, they produce their own light. OLED screens also produce great depth of color and rich blacks, making either screen type a great choice for home entertainment.

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