Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Smartphone Makers Prefer Using LCD Module Display

Smartphones are getting wider screens and richer colors, thanks to improvements in LCD and related screen technologies. Subsequently, smartphone makers are competing for providing the best screens with the most realistic images and videos as well as the latest high-tech functions. While newer screen displays such as AMOLED and OLED offer higher contrast ratio which results in darker blacks and brighter whites, LCD module displays provide distinct advantages too. Here are the reasons why smartphone makers continue to prefer LCD modules over other alternatives.

Flexibility and Sizes

LCD module display is already an established technology suitable for different phones and varying screen sizes. Smartphone manufacturers opt for LCD modules which can fit different functional needs due to its flexibility. It can be used for HD resolution as well as lower resolution properties, thereby, diversifying the portfolio of products that can be offered to various market segments. Read more from this article:

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